Family Plates

All Meal platters are served with Salad, Rice and Garlic Potato
Regulars: serves 6-8 persons
Meal: serves 8-9 persons
Shawarnado Mix: serves 9-10 persons
Items Regular Meal
Chicken Shawarma
Tender, juicy chicken shawarma served with a side
$51.99 $59.99
Beef Shawarma
Perfectly roasted beef shawarma served with a side
$59.99 $67.99
Mix Shawarma
A delicious mixture of beef and chicken shawarma
$59.99 $67.99
Shish Kebab
6 skewers of marinated tenderloin beef chunks BBQ
$61.99 $69.99
Shish Tawouk
6 skewers of marinated skinless boneless chicken breast chunks
$61.99 $69.99
Shawarnado Mix
3 skewers of Shish Tawouk
3 skewers of Kofta
3 Chicken Shawarma
Beef Shawarma
6pc Falafel
*Served on rice
*Add-on items $5

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